What do you need to start using Blocktinu?

This is a short guide about getting started with Blocktinu.

NOTE: For a more detailed PDF version of this guide, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

1/ You need the HARDWARE (a microcontroller board) to upload your programs using a USB programmer:

  • Tinusaur or similar board with an ATtiny85 microcontroller on it.
  • USBasp Programmer to upload the programs.

2/ You need to install two SOFTWARE packages that will help you transfer your code from the web browser to the board.

  • Blocktinu Tools for Windows.
  • Drivers for the USBasp programmer.

NOTE: You also need a computer running Microsoft Windows with a web browser and Internet connection.

Quick Guide: How to Install the Software

You need to install two software packages.

(1) Blocktinu Tools for Windows

  • Download the ZIP file from this address:
  • Extract the ZIP file content and run the install EXE file;
    (or just open the ZIP file and run the EXE from there)
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the setup;
Blocktinu Install

(2) Drivers for the USBasp Programmer

  • Download to your computer the latest version of the Zadig:
    • Link: zadig-2.8
    • If, for some reason, the above link did not work, go to the Zadig website at https://zadig.akeo.ie and look for the download section for the latest installation package.
  • Insert the USBasp programmer into the USB of your computer;
  • Run the Zadig application;
USBasp Driver Install
  • Make sure the USBasp device is selected in the main drop-down.
    If it is not, try to select it from the menu. Go to Options / List All Devices and then select USBasp manually.
  • Choose the type of driver to install.
    • libusbK” will work on most 64-bit systems.
    • “libusb-win32” will work on most 32-bit systems.
  • Press the “Install Diver” button.
    (NOTE: This might take up to several minutes)
  • Check with the “Device Manager” that the driver is installed correctly and the programmer appears as a USBasp device.
USBasp Driver Device Manager

Testing the installation

  • Connect everything together:
    • Insert the flat 10-wire cable into the USBasp programmer.
    • Connect the other end of the cable to the Tinusaur (or another) board.
    • Insert the USBasp programmer into the USB port of your computer.
    • Optional: Put on a shield board (such as Shield LEDx2) on the Tinusaur main board.
Tinusaur Board USBasp Connect
  • Start the Blocktinu application on Windows;
    (it should appear somewhere in the Start menu)
BLOCKTINU Tools for Windows
  • Locate the “Upload 0” button and press it.
    This should upload a program that does not do anything but it is good for testing the connection between your computer and the microcontroller board.

That should upload the testing program into the microcontroller of your board.

Using the Blocktinu

Blocktinu Example
  • When ready, press the “Build” buttons.
  • This will compile and build your code.
    If there are no errors in your code, the web browser will offer you the ability to save the binary code as a file named “main.bthex“.
  • Locate the file and simply open it.

The Blocktinu Application for Windows (that we have previously installed) will take over and will upload the binary file “main.bthex” onto your microcontroller board via the USBasp programmer. Your program will start running immediately.

NOTE: A detailed User Guide on how to setup Blocktinu is available for download as a PDF file here: Blocktinu_Tools_for_Windows_Setup_Guide.pdf

Step-by-step guide how to install and setup Blocktinu Tools for Windows

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